Nano Silver Technology

Filters coated with silver nanoparticles are a standard in BERLÜF appliances. The better the filter is, the fewer problems we will have in the future. We care a lot about your life comfort (less dirt inside the air handling unit, less dirt on the whole installation, clean air in the room). Filters used by BERLÜF, coated with nanoparticles, intercept all the biological origin impurities which are a common source of allergies. These elements require periodical technical inspections in order to guarantee reliable operation with the highest ventilation comfort. Nanosilver inhibits the growth of over 650 types of the pathogenic strains of bacteria, viruses, fungi and mould. Therefore, in order to provide as high hygiene level as possible, we coated the inside of Prauzer air handling unit with an ultra-modern protective coat containing silver nanoparticles.