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What makes our Company so special?

What makes our Company so special?

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BERLÜF is a leader in manufacturing air handling units with recuperation (recuperators). The newest SYSTEMS implemented by BERLÜF, a German manufacturer, and a manufacturing precision make all BERLÜF appliances even more functional and ergonomic in use. The combination of all the modern and innovative solutions with a unique design is admired by installers and distributors in the air handling sector.

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What does recuperation mean?

Recuperation is a process of recovering heat from the discharged, used air and handing it over to the supplied air, without mixing these two streams…

Why is it worth using recuperation?

Energy efficiency is one of the key elements at each home. Nowadays, houses are built of materials with a very good thermal insulation. Unfortunately, such solutions…

Comfort and convenience

Humid air exchange eliminates all the impurities, odours and it regulates air humidity, providing fresh and clean air…

Anti-frost system

BERLÜF air handling units are equipped with the anti-frost system in a standard version. When the temperature of the exhaust air, after passing through the exchanger, drops to 1°C, it is activated. This system prevents a white frost phenomenon…

Counterflow-crossflow exchanger

The exchanger does not need any additional electric supply; therefore, its operation is cost effective. Owing to the large area of the air streams contact, the exchange of thermal energy between the supplied air and the exhaust air takes place quickly and efficiently…

Automatic By-Pass

This sub-assembly directs the exhaust air away from the heat exchanger. The by-pass has a very large area and it operates very effectively. Its operation is controlled by means of temperature sensors placed inside the recuperator. It ensures…

Centrifugal fans

The fans used in the recuperator guarantee high air efficiency and proper external static pressure. Electronic commutation makes them easy in controlling and it ensures rotational speed stability…

Robust housing

Housing elements are made of high quality plastics which are resistant to scratches and UV radiation. Therefore, they are perfect finishing not causing any problems during cleaning…

Efficient filters

The air handling unit is equipped with two EU5 class filters in a standard version. Owing to this simple installation system, their replacement does not require any tools. A pleated structure of filters enlarges the operating area of the filter, what contributes greatly to the total efficiency of the entire appliance…