PRAUZER air handling unit with recuperation

Prauzer is an air handling unit for ensuring air exchange in residential buildings. The air handling unit is to supply fresh air from the outside and discharge the used air from rooms with the simultaneous thermal energy recovery

The strong points of Prauzer air handling unit

Prauzer is an air handling unit with recuperation which guarantees a ventilation comfort and clean air. All the serial elements supplied with the air handling unit are designed to ensure as high comfort as possible and healthy air.


Nanosilver – silver inhibits the growth of over 650 types of pathogenic strains of bacteria, viruses, fungi and mould. Therefore, in order to provide as high hygiene level as possible, we coated the inside of Prauzer air handling unit with an ultra-modern protective coat containing silver nanoparticles

The housing

The housing is made of powder-coated and zinc-plated sheet (RAL 9016). The use of a classic design guarantees the protection of an insulation layer against adverse conditions, what ensures long-term and unchanged properties. The air handling unit is equipped with an adjustable base facilitating its levelling.


The air handling unit is equipped with two G4 class filters in a standard version. Owing to a simple installation system, their replacement does not require any tools. A pleated structure of filters enlarges the operating area of the filter, what contributes greatly to the total efficiency of the entire appliance.


The air handling unit is equipped with a controller with a weekly calendar.

A correctly mounted Prauzer air handling unit does not need any special maintenance during its use. The only maintenance activity is the replacement of air filters. Owing to the visual signalisation, the user is informed on the required replacement of the filter.

The strong points of Prauzer air handling unit


An unquestionable asset of Prauzer air handling units is their co-operation with the CO sensor. In the event of detecting carbon monoxide in the air, an alarm signal is generated.


Prauzer air handling unit with recuperation has a compact size and this is a main feature of this appliance. This air handling unit may be used in each room thanks to its small size.


The air handling unit is equipped with an automatic by-pass and a controller with an LCD panel with the function of smooth revolutions adjustment, a weekly calendar and an airing mode. A full control range of the appliance may be obtained in a very simple and user-friendly manner.

Do you know that…

All BERLÜF appliances have silver nanoparticles on filters in a standard version. The better the filter is, the fewer problems we will have in the future. We care a lot about your life comfort (less dirt inside the air handling unit, less dirt on the whole installation, clean air in the room). Filters used by BERLÜF, coated with nanoparticles, intercept all the biological origin impurities which are a common source of allergies. These elements require periodical technical inspections (replacement) in order to guarantee their reliable operation with the highest ventilation comfort.

Technologies in BERLÜF air handling units

On account of the alarming reports on the fast immunization of pathogenic micro-organisms to classic antibiotics, it is worth using the reliable modern technologies. What is most effective nowadays is nanotechnology. A matter in the “nano” scale demonstrates very interesting properties. One of the most interesting examples is the silver nanoparticle coat used in Prauzer air handling units. Silver in this form fulfils a function of an antibiotic without its typical negative properties. After contacting bacteria, viruses and fungi, it inhibits the activity of enzymes which make single-cell organisms breathe. It results in the inhibition of their development and consequently their total neutralisation. The bactericidal properties of silver nanoparticles were proven in the case of 650 types of microorganisms. At the same time, it does not demonstrate any toxic effects on human cells.

Therefore, inside the air handling unit, despite prospectively favouring conditions, a risk of the growth of micro-organisms which are spread in the air, and which can be harmful to people, is reduced.

The effectiveness of nanosilver coats

The experiment was conducted in accordance with ISO 22196 at the Department of Microbiology of the Agricultural University named after Hugon Kołłątaj in Kraków

The cross section of PRAUZER air handling unit with recuperatio

Technical data

Air handling unit for air exchange in public utility buildings and residential buildings. In order to keep a higher cleanliness level, apart from standard filters, the air handling unit has a coat with silver nanoparticles

The nominal dimensions of Prauzer air handling unit

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