Spartan air handling unit

Spartan air handling unit has a small size and perfect technical parameters. The size of the air handling unit enables mounting it on a small area e.g. on a suspended ceiling. This product is an excellent solution for air handling in rooms and heat recovery in flats, houses and public utility buildings.

The strong points of Spartan air handling unit

Spartan air handling unit guarantees a ventilation comfort and clean air. All the serial elements supplied with the air handling unit are designed to guarantee the best ventilation possible


Another advantage of Spartan air handling units is the manner in which filters are replaced, without removing an inspection plate. In order to replace the filters, undo the screws mounting the stoppers, draw out the used filter carefully and place a new one in the frame. Filters which are worn cannot be re-used.

Space efficiency

The most important feature of Spartan recuperator is its height of 206 mm. This allows for saving the space in the suspended ceiling or a similar enclosure.

Spartan air handling unit is dedicated to ventilate rooms in houses and flats covering max. 100 m2. One of the numerous assets of the recuperator is its height – this is merely 206 mm.

The strong points of Prauzer air handling unit


An unquestionable asset of Spartan air handling unit is its size which enables mounting the air handling unit on a small space with good efficiency kept.


Prauzer air handling unit with Spartan recuperation has a compact size and this is a main feature of this appliance. This air handling unit may be used in each room thanks to its small size.


This product is an excellent solution for air handling in rooms and heat recovery in flats, houses and public utility buildings.

Do you know that…

All BERLÜF appliances have silver nanoparticles on filters in a standard version. The better the filter is, the fewer problems we will have in the future. We care a lot about your life comfort (less dirt inside the air handling unit, less dirt on the whole installation, clean air in the room). Filters used by BERLÜF, coated with nanoparticles, intercept all the biological origin impurities which are a common source of allergies. These elements require periodical technical inspections (replacement) in order to guarantee their reliable operation with the highest ventilation comfort.

Technologies in BERLÜF air handling units

On account of the alarming reports on the fast immunization of pathogenic micro-organisms to classic antibiotics, it is worth using the reliable modern technologies. What is most effective nowadays is nanotechnology. A matter in the “nano” scale demonstrates very interesting properties. Silver in this form fulfils a function of an antibiotic without its typical negative properties. After contacting bacteria, viruses and fungi, it inhibits the activity of enzymes which make single-cell organisms breathe. It results in the inhibition of their development and consequently their total neutralisation. The bactericidal properties of silver nanoparticles were proven in the case of 650 types of microorganisms. At the same time, it does not demonstrate any toxic effects on human cells.

Technical data

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